2 Infants Found Dead In Apartment

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Authorities have been investigating after two twin babies under the age of 1 were found dead in an apartment. The Camden County Prosecutor’s Office confirmed that two babies were found unresponsive in the home.

The department received a 911 call seeking help for a “respiratory problem.”

Alice Shields, who lives a few doors down, said she had just run into the mother and her twins just a few days before. “She said they were doing fine,” Shields said. She said the woman and her mother have lived in the apartment for a number of years and they were friendly. The mother of the twins also had another older child.

Alexandra McVeigh, spokesperson from the Camden County Prosecutor’s office, later confirmed that medical reports have come back to say that the children died from “natural causes”.

The natural manner of death means that the medical examiner concluded that no external factors, including foul play or an accident or any kind of poisoning, led to the deaths of the children.

This could mean that there are many possible causes of death, including various illnesses or a condition. It could mean the children were born with a condition that killed them or made both of them more susceptible to an illness.

It is, however unusual that they died roughly at the same time.

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