2 Daycare Employees Fired For Taping Shoes On Child

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Two Daycare employees were fired from Pleasant Hill Baptist Church Day Care recently, after a child was found with their shoes taped to them, officials have confirmed.

Maehsell Marley, the director of the daycare facility, says that she is very disturbed and saddened by the incident.

Pleasant Hill Day Care in no way condones or allows any practice that would be harmful to a child. We have an outstanding group of caregivers who strive to meet the highest of expectations on a daily basis for the children in our care, and what occurred in the shoe-taping incident is not a representation of who we are,” said Marley.

Jessica Hayes, the mother of the child involved posted a number of photos of the situation on social media with the following caption: ‘Does anyone see an issue with this? And am I the only one?’

She later wrote that she was not happy that it happened to her child.

“I am upset that this happened to my child as someone was clearly upset that she was learning take her shoes off and done it out of being aggravated. This was also not just her shoes being taped up. It was around her ankle. My 17-month-old child was unable to say anything,” wrote Hayes.

Hayes said that despite the fact that she picked up her child with bruises from the incident, the 17-month-old will continue to attend the daycare facility.

“I sent my daughter to Pleasant Hill Day Care as I went there as a child and so did her father. This place helped raise both of us and most of the people are still there today. I appreciate all (the) staff (at) this day care. This being said, my daughter will continue to go to Pleasant Hill Day Care as I am a single parent with not much family to help me with my child. I trust this daycare to watch her so I can go to work and provide for us,” wrote Hayes. 

“My daughter went straight back to the daycare the very next day and rest of the week. I am positive this won’t happen to another child,” said Hayes.

But the trust that Hayes placed in the two individuals, who had been with her daughter since she was 6 weeks old, is broken, she says.

“This was left on long enough and tight enough to leave marks, cause swelling, and bruise,” wrote Hayes.Hayes says when she saw the tape, she immediately took the issue to the director. Hayes claims the director was “just as speechless” as she was.

“I went to take the tape off and my daughter was crying as this was obviously uncomfortable to her. I proceeded to call and speak with the director to inform this has left marks on my child. Pleasant Hill Day Care took appropriate action and dismissed the two employees involved. There was a note to all parents to make aware an incident did occur. I have personally spoken with the director and viewed the footage together. We both feel the appropriate action was taken,” wrote Hayes.

What are your thoughts on this?

Would you take your child back to this Daycare? 

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