19-Year-Old Raped By Trio Who Threw Her Baby Out Of Moving Car

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A woman was brutally attacked and witnessed the death of her infant daughter by cold-blooded rapists and killers in the Indian city of Gurugram.

Three men reportedly stalked a 19-year-old woman on the night of May 29. They had captured her, dragged her away and raped her. During the brutal attack, the men murdered her 9-month-old daughter by choking her and then throwing her out of a moving car.

All three of the attackers were captured by police: Amit Kumar, a man identified as Yogendra and another who is being called Jaykesh. The men are all between the ages of 20 and 25, according to The New York Times.

 They have already admitted guilt, releasing statements of confession to police.

Their statements are shocking in their detail, recording a night in which they intently followed their victim, waiting for the “right moment” to offer her a ride and allowing for an opportunity to rape.

Lack of transportation options in that part of India is a problem in that area so she accepted their ride.

“We were drinking together when we spotted the woman, who had a child in her arms,” a police officer quoted Yogendra as saying. “We started following her in the van but she took a lift on a truck. We were planning to return when we saw her get off the truck. So, we offered her a lift.”

They reportedly pulled the van to a vacant lot, they began raping the unidentified woman.

“We had covered the baby’s mouth with our palms to stop her from crying,” Yogendra told police

Then they threw the helpless infant out of their moving vehicle.

When the woman escaped, she had found her baby on the road and attempted to bring her to a hospital but it was too late.

Police commissioner Sandeep Khirwar told The Times of India that the infant died from asphyxiation which likely occurred during the multiple rapes. The little girl was already dead when she hit the ground.

“The accused are not just guilty of rape but also murder of the child and we will not let them get off easily,” Khirwar said.

It is still unclear which one of the trio actually threw the baby out of the vehicle.

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