15 Year Old Boy Nearly Left Blind After Bully Smashes Glasses Into His Face

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A teenage boy was nearly blinded after a vicious school bully smashed his glasses into his face.

The boy has been left with horrific injuries.

Nathaniel Dryden, from Derbyshire in the UK, could be scarred for life after the senseless attack which left him covered in blood.

Just weeks prior to the incident, the teen had been subjected to another terrifying assault when he was repeatedly punched for no reason by another bully.

The boy’s father said he fears his son has been psychologically scarred for life.

Mr Dryden told the Daily Mail: ‘The first attack was on the 23 January. A lad approached my son and started punching him several times for no reason. We were told he was suspended for a period of time.

‘Last Wednesday [February 16] was when the second attack happened. Another lad approached him and asked him if he thought this lad’s girlfriend was a s**t. He said he’d tell his friend that he called her a s**t when he didn’t.

‘Nathaniel protested and said he never said anything like that.’

Nathaniel was then approached by the second boy who asked why he had called his girlfriend a ‘s**t’.

Mr Dryden added: ‘He protested again but was punched in the face. It was one punch but it was so vicious. It was horrific.

‘His glasses smashed and that’s caused him serious facial injuries. He was covered in blood.

‘At first he thought he was dying because of how much blood there was. It didn’t stop. He was covered.’

Merrill Academy contacted the police and Nathaniel was taken to hospital.

The 15 year old has been left with bad scarring and bruising but his father believes he may never get over the psychological impact of the bullying.

He said: ‘He’s extremely lucky not to be blind. The remains of the smashed glasses only missed his eyes by about an inch. I’m heartbroken at what happened.

‘No dad ever wants to see their son like that. It was very traumatic. I was speechless. It was an evil attack.

‘My wife was sent a video clip of the first attack, that’s how widely it had been shared. He’ll be off school for a while. I think we might be starting to look for a new school.’

Paul Beedle, who’s the acting headteacher at Merrill Academy, said: ‘I can confirm that a student was hurt following an isolated incident involving other students.

‘Such incidents are rare at the school, and this one has been dealt with under the school’s behaviour policy with parents kept fully informed of the outcomes.’

Police confirmed that they were informed about the attack and officers were visiting the family but no arrests had been made, to date.


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