$15 000 LEGO Display Built In 3 Days, Destroyed In Seconds By A Child

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A life-size Disney character made out of Lego blocks is sure to draw any child’s attention but the LEGO Expo in Ningbo, China recently got a little more attention than it bargained for.


After the Artist named Zhao spent 3 entire days building a gigantic fox figurine of the character Nick Wilde from Zootopia from thousands of Lego bricks, a child scooted under the rope barrier and knocked down the display in a matter of seconds.

In less than an hour of the exhibition opening, the child seemingly climbed under the barrier ropes to get a better look at the figurine but accidentally knocked it over.

The Zootopia figurine is believed to cost over 100,000 Yuan (roughly $15,170).

The LEGO bricks were loosely glued together, but the sculpture was clearly not strong enough to withstand any momentum.


Zhao wasn’t too angry about the incident, saying that a child couldn’t really understand the implications or the cost of such an accident and thankfully the child’s parents came forward to apologize for the accident. They also offered to compensate the artist but he refused to accept anything. Zhao also felt that the toy store could have done a bit more to prevent such an incident from happening.


When visiting toy stores or any store for that matter, I always tend to be overly cautious with my kids wanting to touch or play with anything we haven’t paid or intend paying for.

If this was your kid, what would you have done to prevent this from happening? Or do you think the artist or the toy store could have taken more precautions?


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  1. Denise Gemmer

    June 3, 2016 at 6:06 pm

    Can I please get the article about the rear and forward facing car seat. I deleted it by accident. I received it this week so it hasn’t been that long.

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