128 Years in Prison For Man Who Sexually Assaulted Baby

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A man from Long Beach was sentenced on Friday – to 128 years and 4 months to life in prison for sexually assaulting a family member in Costa Mesa.

The abuse went on for more than a year, starting when she was 9 months old, and he was also found guilty of circulating videos of his acts online.

In March, Ryan Michael Booth, 32, was convicted of multiple felony counts of sexually assaulting a child, using a child for obscene matter and possession of child pornography.

Booth molested the girl until she was 2 years old, and made 4 videos of himself sexually assaulting her in her crib, according to Deputy District Attorney Rick Zimmer.

Officers who testified at his December 2015 preliminary hearing said that he had 220,000 images of child porn on a hard drive in his home computer, which also contained 2,000 child porn videos as well as 150 images of the victim.

Los Angeles police detective Eric Good testified that the defendant said to him “he liked girls between the ages of, I believe, it was 9 to 12.”

Booth also told the detective he had been downloading child pornography on and off since he was in high school.

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