12-Year-Old Girl Dies From Infection Doctors Misdiagnosed As The Flu

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Loved ones say that Alyssa Alcaraz showed signs of having the flu, and with so many people infected with the virus this season, they were certain that is what she had come down with.

However, it was not until she died that they learned the young girl had a bacterial infection that was quickly moving inside her body.

Mariah Alcaraz recalled the day that her sister got sick. “I remember she came home from school and she was throwing up and I thought oh she’s probably got food poisoning shes going to be ok.”

But, sadly it was not food poisoning.

Alyssa’s Mother told reporters that doctors told them her daughter had the flu. After a few days of staying home from school and not getting better, they took Alyssa back to urgent care.

That is when a physician realized that the young girl’s oxygen levels were low. She was immediately rushed to Kaweah Delta Medical Center by ambulance.

Within a matter of hours, Alyssa’s organs started shutting down and her family said she coded six times. By 2:50 on Sunday afternoon the vibrant girl died.

Her death certificate stated that she went into cardiac arrest and septic shock from a strep blood infection — an infection that no one in her family knew she had.

Now, they are left holding onto memories and a cell phone video where Alyssa reminded them of how much they meant to her.

The family now cherish a video of the pre-teen doing what she loved most, singing. No one thought it would be the middle school student’s last concert.

If you would like to donate to the Alcaraz family to help with expenses, you can visit their GoFundMe here.

Police Are On Manhunt For Parents Of 4-Year-Old Who Died From Serious Burns

Police are currently searching for the parents of a 4-year-old Sumpter Township girl who died on Monday after being found with severe burns.

Police said that the home where the girl was found with serious scald wounds was full of animal waste and it contained guns and drugs.

The girl was found about 10:43 a.m. at the Rawsonville Woods Mobile Home community on Greenmeadow Drive.

Police found the girl unresponsive with “obvious” severe burns on her arms and legs. Family members were administering CPR.

The girl was taken to St. Joseph Mercy Hospital in Ann Arbor, where she was pronounced dead shortly after arrival.

Police records indicate that the incident isn’t the first time they’ve had trouble at the home.

On May 20, 2016, officers stormed the house following a report of a barricaded gunman after a domestic assault.

The girl’s mother said to police that her boyfriend had beat her, shot her dog and shot himself in a suicidal outburst.

Police said the man then fled the home and was later arrested on domestic violence charges.

The woman reportedly claimed she owned weapons that had been confiscated, including one that had the serial number filed off it. She pleaded guilty to weapons charges and received probation.

As police continue to search for the child’s parents, not much information about the investigation has been released.

Child Protective Services and the Michigan State Police Forensics Unit are assisting.

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