11-Year-Old Boy Calls 911 After Dad Kills Mom

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Texas authorities say that a Conroe man stabbed and killed his wife in front of their 11-year-old son.

Montgomery County Sheriff’s deputies responded to the scene on Chestnut Meadow in the Carriage Hills Subdivision.

According to reports, the 11-year-old boy at the home begged for his father to stop stabbing his mother and then called 911. When officers arrived, the boy was covered in blood with the argumentative suspect also in the home.

The Dad apparently moved towards officers with the knife in hand and they were forced to open fire and kill him.

Both the boys parents died at the scene – 41-year-old Medger Blake and 38-year-old Rose Blake.

Deputies say that out of state family members from are coming to Texas to care for the boy, who managed to lock himself in a bathroom for safety until police arrived.

“The boy had indicated that his father had stabbed his mother. It was some sort of confrontation that was still going on in the background,” said Capt. Bryan Carlisle.

Deputies say that there are no known records of violence at the home and according to neighbors, it seemed like a normal household.

“I was shocked,” said a neighbor.

“I would see him out in his driveway all the time shooting baskets with his boy,” said neighbor Steve Toth.

Roche Coleman, pastor at Impact Church of The Woodlands where the family were members said  “Nobody expected this,”. “There’s no signs…we have a beautiful family like them…you’re not expecting this.”

They’re just a beautiful family. The husband is quiet, more reserved…wife is more outspoken…it’s just tragic,” he said.


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