10-Year-Old Girl Pins Mother Under Car

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Police in Tonawanda NY said that a 10-year-old girl accidentally ran over her Mother and killed her as they attempted to dislodge their car from a snowbank in western New York.

The Buffalo News reported on Saturday that Thursday’s tragic accident occurred in the town of Tonawanda, near Niagara Falls.

Police said that the 48-year-old woman’s daughter was helping to free the vehicle after they got stuck in snow and mud backing out of a driveway.

Investigators say that the car was in reverse as the mother rocked the car from an open driver’s side door and her daughter mistakenly hit the gas pedal.

That’s when they say the mother was hit by the door, fell down and was pinned underneath the car.

A tow truck eventually lifted the vehicle, but sadly medics couldn’t revive the mother.

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  1. MitaanExpress

    March 12, 2018 at 8:43 pm

    Thank you for your blessings and precious reply Carolanne. My heart was happy because of the prophetic implications within your story not only for your daughter and you, but for the daughters of our King and for the mothers in His kingdom even for the manchild. How the One Who is the great nutcracker (He Who cracks open the meat of the word) is alive in us with each kick letting us know He’s coming forth! That your daughter’s spirit even before birth, let you know she was aware and excited about her destiny is amazing. Oh yes, we who are in the womb of God KNOW our destiny by the Spirit even when our mind can’t put into words what we know, eh? The world is waiting to see us to dance the “Great Dance” moving together in step as ONE and when as individual dancers, we move in grace, love and beauty manifesting His perfections and glory. Ah, we are on tippie-toe in our pink ballet slippers waiting for the grande finale. Yes, indeed we are “in the pink”- in the embodiment of perfection because we are IN HIM (in the “no longer I, but Christ” state of being) and we are like your daughter rejected by this world but beloved of the Father and will shortly display the FULL glory of God that surpasses anything this world has. Your daughter shall shine like the sun in the role ordained for her-.. not a tiny role but a big one that fits her size and so shall we! Hallelujah! I’m kicking to be sure. God bless you Carolanne and your beautiful daughter. ❤️

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