10 Children Confirmed Dead In Bastille Day Attack

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Over 200 people have been injured and 84 (including 10 children) pronounced dead when a vehicle drove at high speed into a crowd who had congregated to watch the Bastille Day fireworks display in Nice, France on Thursday night.

Counter-terrorism police in France are investigating the incident after the driver thundered into the crowd. The truck continued to drive into the people for a distance of 2km.

Witnesses said that the driver was “zigzagging” in order to hit as many people as possible.

Parents were forced to throw their children over fences to save them as the truck zoomed down in their direction.

Ismali Khalidi, a US-Palestinian writer who was in the city at the time of the incident, told the Guardian

People coming towards us said that the cops had told people to start running, without really telling people why. So people had started running for their lives without any other information.”

He said “We saw a guy basically throw his kids over a fence and then jump after them,”


Authorities confirmed that the driver had been shot dead by the police and they are still investigating whether he acted alone or had any accomplices. It is also believed that the man got out of the truck and began shooting people, before being shot dead by the police.

The attacker has been named as Tunis-born Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhel, a father of 3, a deliveryman and chauffer who has lived in France for many years. Police had found ammunition, 2 automatic weapons, a mobile phone and documents in the truck. They also found 2 fake weapons.

No group has however claimed responsibility for the attack and interior minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, said:

“We are at war with terrorists who want to strike us at any cost and who are extremely violent.”





  1. Justin Nicholas George Morley

    July 17, 2016 at 1:03 am

    What do Putin and Trump have incommon? Yes they both urgently need phychatric therapy but both talk tough. What are people fed-up with? The soft tippy toe approach and PCness that it curently killing us all. People fear terrorism and immigration and want change and action. If a bully at school was making your kids life a misery, you would want a tough talking teacher on your side. A liberal, lefty wet, Guardian readers approach will not solve anything. People are now really shitting their pants. Some say civil war is comming to France. This is what the fanatics want (divide and win). Of course, Europe caused these problems but now it must fix them. A lack of intelligent action gives popularity to Trumps, Putins and former German Nazi dictators. Its no good laying flowers down and lowering flags, its time to dig-up the roots and spray weed killer down or the knot weed will take over all the land. We need clever leaders that talk tough and who have real brains. The bad guys won’t go away they have a mad ideolgy while we have no ideology we worship the ‘Self’. It is end of days for us all. Time for tough talking and clever action. This must start now in France. No more deaths. God rest all that were killed in the name of a mad ideology. Very sad and very angry.

  2. Lisa Carloni

    July 17, 2016 at 1:43 am

    So sad:( when will the hate end??

  3. Lora Queen

    July 17, 2016 at 2:21 am


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