1-Year-Old Boy Found Dead At Muskegon Day Care

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A community in Muskegon, Mich. came together to remember a 1-year-old boy that was found dead Friday.

Dozens gathered for a vigil late on Saturday, April 15, to release balloons and light candles in honor of the infant, named Korey Brown.

The mother, Bryanna Reasonover, said she went to pick up her son and her two other kids at a Muskegon child care center. Upon arrival, she says Brown was laying in a playpen, not responsive.

Reasonover says that she noticed bites and bruises on the child’s face and 911 was called. The Mother believes someone did this to him.

It’s very frustrating to not know what happened, to know that he was suffering when all he probably wanted was his mommy,” Reasonover said.

“She was hoping to pick her baby up and take him home like normal and she couldn’t do that because somebody hurt him,” said Patricia, a family friend. “We want justice.”

Reasonover said her baby was a happy child and just started walking a few weeks ago.

The name of the childcare center is not being released at this time, as Muskegon police have not confirmed the details.

Officials are however investigating the death of a child but did not provide any additional details.

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