You’ve Been Tying Your Shoe Laces Wrong, Apparently

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You probably thought that there are ONLY two ways to tie your shoe laces, ‘Bunny Ears’ and ‘Around the Tree’? Well think again, apparently we have been tying our shoe laces wrong, all this time!

In this video put together by Buzzfeed, they demonstrate the two traditional ways we all know and then introduce the ‘Ian Knot’ and well, it’s pretty impressive.

I decided to put it to the test. I gathered the family around with my husband and 6 year old son (who is in the middle of learning how to tie his shoe laces), watched the video and tested it ourselves. The result…  my husband got it right first time, but decided his way, ‘Around the Tree’, had a lot more control. I am still trying to get it right, but amazingly enough my 6 year old son has done it, within a couple of tries!

Perhaps ‘teaching old dogs new tricks’ is the real problem here. There was one comment on the video that stood out for me and he may have a point:

But hey, if this ‘Ian Knot’ has got it right to teach my son how to tie his shoe laces, perhaps this will become the globally accepted third way.

What are your thoughts? Watch the video here:

Via Buzzfeed YouTube

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