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Viral: Six-Year-Old Knows He’s Going to Die, Then Day Comes Mom Never Thought She’d Witness

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Six-Year-Old Knows He’s Going to Die, Then Day Comes Mom Never Thought She’d Witness

It goes without saying that parents, and society in general, want the best for children as they grow up and experience life. Children are full of boundless potential, are blessed to consider future opportunities, and represent the ideal of a better tomorrow in terms of building upon what the previous generation accomplished.

Children remind adults of what they used to be and of what they perhaps could have been. That is why it is so satisfying to watch children learn, play and grow up to fully realize whatever dream it is personally inspires them.

Most children do not like or enjoy participating in school education very much. They are too young, immature, and inexperienced to realize how important it is to get a proper education.

Walter “Superbubz” Herbet, a 6-year-old from Fairfield, Ohio, understands very well the importance of being educated. Unlike most children, Walter is infatuated with the dream of studying and passing all 12 levels of school, even though he is a first grader.

Walter is an avid sports superfan and dedicated supporter of the Cincinnati Reds baseball team and the Cincinnati Bengals football team. Walter has boundless energy, loves his family and loves to learn.

While most children and people can take the promise and potential for higher education for granted, Walter cannot. Over two years ago, Walter was diagnosed with Stage 4 neuroblastoma, which a very rare, aggressive and incurable form of cancer.

Even though Walter is wildly enthusiastic about the idea of higher education, it is less than likely that the positive and spirited child will survive long enough to achieve his dream. Unwavering in his defiance of cancer and unwilling to give up, Walter told his family and doctors that what he wanted was to pass all 12 level of school.

As the local community, neighbors and schools heard about Walter’s wish, a plan was put in place to help the child realize his goal. The Fairfield Ohio school community created a fast-track, 2-day, accelerated curriculum program that would allow Walter to take simplified, 20-minute equivalency classes to give him the experience of 12 education levels.

Karrie Gallo, principal of Central Elementary in Fairfield, along other teachers and school authorities, was more than eager to help Walter to achieve his dream. The local community was more than eager to help Walter.

“Let him enjoy playing and learning and walking down the hallway, and all of those little things we take for granted,” remarked Principal Gallo. “We want to make sure he gets that opportunity to do that and we’re just trying to let him be normal.”

Walter participated in elementary-friendly versions of basic classes like science and gym, sat in with a high school senior class and listened as Principal Gallo explained the changing perspective a student experiences from grade to grade. “We’ve talked as we’ve gone from class to class and I tried to just let him really see it from an outside perspective…We talked about how big the chairs get as you get older how big the kids get as they get older, ” said Principal Gallo.

At the end of Walter’s condensed and accelerated curriculum, he was scheduled to have his own graduation ceremony. The day that Walter’s mother thought she may never see arrived, as Walter graduated from 12 levels of school in a cap and gown and received a certificate in a ceremony attended by the local community.

Walter’s journey has inspired local children and adults to take education seriously and to not take it for granted. His story was widely reported on social media and attracted the attention of the Cincinnati Bengals and Reds, who invited Walter to games and to practice.

Walter is a fighter, but there have been setbacks, as a fungal infection in his right pinky finger necessitated the need to amputate part of the finger. Although Walter’s battles with cancer are tragic for a child to endure, he and his family are determined to persevere.

Walter’s family is appreciative of the Fairfield and Cincinnati community pitching in to help Walter graduate and to be able to draw more public attention to pediatric cancer. Inspired by the experience, Walter’s parents are making college and life career plans with Walter, hopeful that he will find a way to achieve his dreams.


…began to investigate…

Viral: Dad Puts Tape Recorder In Age 10 Boy’s Pocket, Sends Him To School. He Can’t Believe What He Catches!

No one knows our children and grandchildren better than we do. That’s why it can be so concerning when out of nowhere they begin to display disruptive behaviors. Now imagine how much harder it can be for children with disabilities to tell someone when there’s a problem.

This is the story of how one dad, whose autistic son began to show signs of emotional distress, had to take extreme measures to catch his abusers red-handed.

New Jersey single dad Stuart Chaifetz said his 10-year-old autistic son, Akian, had been attending a special school for the disabled, located in the Cherry Hill School District, for over a year and a half.

Chaifetz, who described Akian as “wonderful and happy,” became worried when the school suddenly began to send home notes describing his son’s violent behavior.

Right away, he began to investigate, even seeing a school “behaviorist” to figure out what was triggering his son’s outbursts. His efforts were unsuccessful and Akian’s emotional health was only getting worse.

Thinking it could be someone inside his classroom, Chaifetz decided to place a recorder in his son’s pocket before he went to school one day. After listening to the recording, the heartbroken father learned his suspicions had been dead-on. During the six hours of audio, he could hear a teacher and a teacher’s aide bullying the young boy until he cried.

Akian was berated, yelled at to “shut up,” even called a “bastard” by the teacher’s aide. The recording also captured several inappropriate conversations between them about getting drunk and having sexual encounters right in front of the children.

The most heart-wrenching evidence of the entire recording revealed that Akian who would regularly ask to see his father as a form of reassurance. He was told “no” over and over, sending him into a meltdown which lasted over 30 minutes.

Chaifetz knew the audio recording could not be used legally in court in the state of New Jersey, but he decided to send it to the head of the school anyway. This led to the teacher’s aide being fired, although the atrocious and disgusting abuse she directed at Akian was never called into question. Worse, none of the other adults who were present that day, including the teacher, were dismissed.

In the video below, he told his son, “So sorry you went through all this. You didn’t deserve it. You are a wonderful human being, and I love you with all my heart. Please don’t let the cruelty of these vicious and miserable people change your beautiful nature.”

Watch the clip below and share this story if you agree with what this dad had to do to stop his son from being bullied!

Chaifetz has now made it his mission to spread awareness about the bullying of innocent children by those who are supposed to protect them from harm.


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