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Two-Year-Old Boy Shot On Facebook Live

A 2-year-old boy was murdered in Chicago in a gang-related shooting that was streamed on Facebook Live.

Lavontay White was riding in a car with his aunt Breunna Devonte and her boyfriend, last Tuesday, when a gunman cut them off, got out of the car and opened fire on their vehicle.

Pregnant Devonte, happened to be filming their journey at the time and recorded herself fleeing the vehicle as shots rang out.

The video starts with Devonte and her boyfriend singing along to music while her nephew sits in the back seat. Three minutes in, the sing-a-long turns violent when several shots ring out and Devonte can be seen scrambling out of the car.

The woman then runs down the alley where they had been driving and begs for a neighbor to let her into their home.

“Call 911! They killed him … I have a bullet in my stomach,’ the woman screams. ‘Please, please, I can’t breathe,’ she said. ‘Oh my God, please don’t, Lord, I can’t go. I can’t go.”

Lavontay and his aunt’s boyfriend were shot in the head during the attack and were later pronounced dead at Stroger Hospital.

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