Toddler, Garbage Truck Driver Surprise Each Other With Christmas Gifts

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Aaron Fielding loves Wednesdays because he gets a visit from the garbage truck driver. This Wednesday, he decided to surprise the man with a gift.

But much to his surprise, the city employee had a present of his own.

“Like if he misses it, he did miss it one day, and he cried,” Aaron’s mom, Jamie Fielding said.

Fielding expressed that her 4-year-old loves garbage day so much he rushes to the driveway to wave hello.

This morning was no different as he had prepared a gift and carried it in his hand.

“I said, ‘Hey Aaron, tomorrow is trash day, I think we should make something for our trash man,'” Fielding said.

The mother and the boy made a snack for Jamie Coleman, the garbage truck driver who Aaron waves at.

The 4-year-old wasn’t the only one who wanted to give something nice in this festive time.

Coleman also surprised Aaron with a toy truck and Fielding captured the moment all on video.

“Well he likes the garbage trucks, so I figured I’d go ahead and give him one,” Coleman said.

Aaron didn’t hesitate to open the gift in the driveway as the rain poured down.

Fielding took a picture of the two right away as they hugged with gifts in their hand.

It just made my heart feel full,” Fielding said.

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