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Money Saving Hacks For Parents

This mom is actually a family finance and frugal living guru! Jordon from Millennial Moms has these hot tips for saving YOU money.

Tip #1 Don’t throw away your junk mail!

Keep all your junk mail and put it in a file, leave it in your car and when you out and about you can pull out what you need. Death by coupons.

Tip #2 Don’t budget by the month!

Track your budget by the day or the week – just like you wouldn’t track your steps or calories by the month – a much easier way to easily manage your money is on a daily or weekly basis.

Tip #3 Get a refund if you paid too much for something!

Did you know that many credit card companies and stores will actually refund if you pay too much for it. If you buy something and the next month it goes on sale – go to customer service and they will refund you the difference so long as you do it within 30 days of purchase.  There is a cool website called which will help you track your online spending.

Tip #4 Keep your shopping list on your PHONE!

Because you never leave home without your phone, right!?

Tip #5 Use APPS!

Most apps are completely free and will save you so much money, like the Target Cartwheel App, Flipp, Favado and even the Costco App.

Tip #6 Sell what you don’t need!

Take a walk around your house and find 5 items that you don’t use or need that you can sell and make money from. You will be surprised how much stuff you can sell.

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