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When Does It Start To Become Inappropriate To Bathe With Your Kids?

When Does It Start Getting Inappropriate To Bathe With Your Kids? Is there A Specific Age?

When it comes to nudity, there are differing opinions on it. You get the type of person who feels comfortable in their skin to walk around the house in their birthday suit, while others wouldn’t dare!

As a Mom of young kids its debatable as to whether one should cover up in front of your kids when they are little.

Most parents will at some point bath together with their kids. Perhaps in the baby and toddler years, and maybe preschool age too.

But when the kids start to show signs of “interest” in certain body parts is it a cue to put an end to it?

U.K. celebrity Stacey Solomon recently shared on Instagram that she still shares baths with her nine-year-old son.

I’m not horrified by it at all. Anyone who is horrified at the thought of parents sharing a bath with their children I think has issues. It’s each to their own,” she mentioned on a popular daytime TV show.

Is it appropriate to bath with your kids when they are that age?

On the show, they discussed the topic of whether or not it’s appropriate for parents to share a bath with their teenage children.

When put to the vote a whopping 92% of their audience agreed it was ‘wrong’, which prompted Stacey to say: “I still have baths with my children – my eldest is nine.”

She explained that sometimes her older boy will be like, “Oh put the bubbles over your boobs mum, don’t want to see it.”

‘Why does the body always have to be looked at as some sexual thing?’ she continued. Why can’t it just be the human body?” 

She’s got a point but that’s just the way it goes! Once children get to that age of pre-pubescence, they are naturally curious about their bodies. And at some point, a line should be drawn I think.

Solomon went on to say that sharing a bath is like “having dinner together.

“Having a bath is how we socialize and communicate – it’s a normal part of our daily routine.” 

Um no, taking a shower and having personal hygiene isn’t the same as having a family dinner, is it?

Many people commented that bathing with your older child just isn’t appropriate.

“This is wrong on so many levels,” she read out during the show. Followed by “your mind must be twisted” and “you have to teach children boundaries and privacy.”

Do you agree?

Solomon lashed back on the critics, saying that the commenters were “wrong on so many levels.”

She even went so far as to reveal that sometimes boyfriend Joe Swash would join them, before hastily adding “he’d wear his pants or boxers or whatever, but it’s family time.”

What are your thoughts on this? Is there a cut-off age for when parents and their children can share a bath?

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