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Why You Shouldn’t Leave Car Seats In The Car

The phone alarm’s blaring, you hear your baby crying, and your toddler’s figured out how to turn the television on downstairs.  It’s official.  You are late for whatever is it that you’re supposed to be 15 minutes ago.  You literally jump out of bed, run a comb through your hair, grab the screaming baby in the crib, and run downstairs with the toothbrush in your mouth.  You change your kids’ diapers, pop toast into their mouth and forget the diaper bag on the way out.  You drop the kids in the car seats while explaining to your toddler why it’s important he stays in his car seat this time.  You notice a screw near the car seat and think, “I hope that isn’t important.”  You turn the car on, back out of the driveway and start your day.

Did you check your car seats at all before putting your kids in it?  Chances are you probably didn’t.  In fact, you probably haven’t checked on your car seat’s integrity since you bought it and installed it into your car.  Remember that any car seat should not move in either direction more than one inch.  You probably checked that you buckled your baby in and that the chest plate was in the right place, but what if at some point your seat belts anchoring your car seats have begun to loosen or even tear?  You could now just be one collision away from possible tragedy.

Car seats are not install it and forget it.  In fact, you shouldn’t leave car seats in the car because sun damage warps plastic and causes it to become brittle but who has time to lug around car seats before and after every single trip?  A large, or even small, crack in the shell of your car seat could greatly compromise its’ ability to withstand a collision and protect your precious cargo.  Therefore, make it a habit to always check your car seats before getting on the road.  Use this free printable infographic “Five Simple Car Seat Safety Quick Tips” to ensure your family’s safe travels!

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