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Sesame Street and Autism – See Amazing in All Children

For many parents finding out that your child has autism is life-changing. Autism is a developmental disability which affects the development of a child’s communication skills, social skills and behavior. In the U.S., 1 in 68 children is diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). In a recent article we listed a number of tips to help parents and caregivers with raising a child with Autism.

“Sesame Street”, a nonprofit educational organization produces a range of programs which has been shown in over 150 countries, introduces a new character to the family – Julia – she has Autism. Julia is a character to help children to understand ASD, whether they’re living with autism or know someone who is. Sesame Street and Autism also offers a range of free educational resources.

This is a fantastic initiative to help raise awareness for Autism. Please SHARE if you agree.

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