School Sends Age 10 Boy Back to Class After Bullying, Later in ER with Brain Bleed

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Bullying is still very much an important issue we face every day. As a parent, watching a child go through some form of bullying can be extremely stressful. Holly Lazzaro knows this all too well unfortunately as she witnessed her 10-year-old son go through torment at school.

Kaiden was a fourth-grade student at Horizons Elementary School in Appleton, Wisconsin when his daily bullying started, now a fifth-grader, his bullying hasn’t yet stopped.

10-year-old Kaiden, Image from Holly Lynn Facebook

On December 6th, Kaiden’s bullies physically attacked him during recess. At roughly 11 a.m. Kaiden was put into a headlock and then pushed down to the ground forcefully, hitting his head very hard on the floor, according to a Facebook post by Matthew Bent.

Despite Kaiden pleading with the school to call his mother, 3 hours passed before they eventually notified Holly about the incident. The school told Holly that her son was okay and back in class, however, once she picked him up at the end of the day she knew there was something wrong with her boy.

Holly took Kaiden to the ER where they spent the next 7 ½ hours there. Kaiden was treated for a Grade 2 concussion and a Grade 1 brain bleed.

Image from Holly Lynn Facebook

Understandably devastated and angry at the school for their treatment of the issue, Holly met with the superintendent of the Appleton Area School District where she was informed that “bullying is everywhere and there is nothing they can do to prevent it,” according to Matthew Bent’s Facebook post.

Superintendent Judy Baseman released a statement saying “While we are not able to address the specifics of any particular student matter, our investigation has shown that the school and the District did act appropriately to address the allegations brought forth.” She claims that the District “became aware that there is considerable misinformation being posted on social media regarding how this incident was handled at the school and District levels.”

This is Kaiden, a 5th grade student at Horizons Elementary School in Appleton, WI. Kaiden is a kind, sweet, fun loving…

Posted by Matthew Bent on Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Following the incident, Holly has taken both her children out of the school and she is pushing for the removal of the superintendent and school principal for failing to stop the bullying, according to NBC 26 News.

Holly hopes she can be a voice for her son and for other bullying victims who might feel their hurt has been “brushed off”.

During a conversation on Facebook Holly told her friends that “I want them to realize that we as parents are not going to tolerate this. That they are supposed to be a safe environment for our children and they shouldn’t be scared to go to school. Action needs to be taken so these children as safe.”

Horizons Elementary School

When asked by a concerned friend about her children and their new school, Holly mentioned that “Both of my kids had a great day. My son came out smiling told me he didn’t want the day to end… He also said he loves school now.”

Let’s just hope some good can come out of all of this and that young Kaiden has a better time at his new school.

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