Police Helps 9 Kids Who Lost Their Mother Right Before Christmas

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 A mother of nine has died of drug overdose, and police want to help out her young children get a better Christmas.

Police found Jimeta Sanders, 31, unconscious lying on the kitchen floor on Yankee Road on Wednesday

Authorities confirmed that the mother was shooting heroin with her “supposed ‘friends,’ who then, in turn, left her to die in front of her nine kids.”

According to police the “friends” –two males suspect has stolen her money and left telling the children they were leaving to buy soda.

Police believe the two males suspects were a father and son.

“The father had gray hair and gray facial hair with a red and black coat on,” police wrote on their Facebook page. “The son had on a brown jacket and was of thin build.”

Authorities are now actively searching for the two but  the work of the police doesn’t stop there.

Officers want to help the child’s father and his nine children to have a Christmas to remember.

“Their father is a hard worker, he has tried to make ends meet but it’s a vicious cycle,” officers wrote.

They don’t have much, but nine kids at Christmas time, to lose their mother like that is just horrible,” Middletown police Chief Rodney commented.

Two veteran detectives have volunteered to help and are taking donations from the family. They said they will accept any donations.

They said that any donations will be gladly accepted.

“We need clothing desperately, we need coats, blankets, food, a stove, a refrigerator, we even need ornaments for the Christmas tree we just took to them and — of course – toys,” police wrote.

The response has been incredible thus far, the community bring food, clothing, cash and other items to help out the family.

Janeen Thompson, a Middletown resident, said she saw the story on Facebook and was immediately moved. She wants to help right away and donated several bags of items.

Police say they are overwhelmed by the response.

We reached out to the world. Middletown started and it went from there to ask for help for these kids. Man, the outpouring of support has been phenomenal,” Muterspaw said.

The nine kids are aged between 1 to 14. Their ages are 14 (girl), 13 (boy), 11 (boy), 10 (boy), 6 (boy), 5 (girl), 3 (girl), 2 (boy) and 1 (girl).

Donations can be brought to the Police Department, located at 1 Donham Plaza.

People who want to want to donate money can do so at the Butler Heritage Federal Credit Union located at 660 N. University Blvd. under the account name “Kindness for Sanders Family.”

The checks can be made out the Middletown Police Department or the City of Middletown.

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