Parents Can’t Bring Sick Toddler Home For Christmas Until Stranger Donates Private Plane For Her

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McKenzie Garrison is only 18 months old, but she’s already battled so much during her life.

The baby girl from Tulsa, Oklahoma has a severe bone marrow disease and she’s gone to Boston for treatment.

After McKenzie successfully underwent a lifesaving transplant surgery, the Garrisons realized that one problem remained: they couldn’t afford for a flight home before the holidays.

Because McKenzie is so young, it required a private, quarantined flight to take her back to Oklahoma, which is certainly expensive.

Fortunately, a Christmas miracle did happen as one selfless stranger reached out to McKenzie’s mother, Lacey, and offered her the use of her own private plane.

“She said, ‘I have a plane.’ She asked me a few questions, then I had an itinerary in two hours,” Lacey explained of the hero, who wants to remain anonymous.

With that support of the generous woman, McKenzie will be spending Christmas at home along with her family.

The Garrisons are continuing to support her daughter’s health and hope that her transplant will take to her body.

Everyone is wishing her the best during this time!

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