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Parenting Resolutions 2016

The TODAY Parenting Team asked the community: What are your resolutions for the new year… as a family, and as a parent?

We decided to ask our fellow writers for Kids Safety Network what their parenting resolutions are:

“I’m not usually the type to make “official” resolutions for the new year. But something I’m continually working on, as a parent, is to simply be present. Working from home has its challenges — and constantly being distracted by emails, news and social media is definitely one of them. I’m making more of an effort to keep my phone out of reach in the mornings when both kids are home with me. Instead, I play with them, talk with them and read with them. In doing so, I find I’m less stressed and not yelling nearly as much. Some days are still better than others, but it’s a work in progress!”

Author: Michelle

“Our resolution as a family is to be more tidy and organised in our home. I recently read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, by Marie Kondo. I spent a few days in December applying the advice from the book and tidying my home from top to bottom. It’s been almost two weeks since then and together my family and I have managed to keep our home neat and tidy… this is a first! This is very important to us this year because for the first time we don’t have any hired help. We decided it would benefit our family if we could all learn how to be more disciplined at home and if we were all responsible for tidying and cleaning our own space, instead of relying on hired help. I think this discipline will spill into other areas of our lives, not to mention the calming benefits of having a neat and tidy home.

Personally, my resolution is to be more mindful this year, and this impacts my parenting. As a parent, I want to be more present when I spend time with my kids and more mindful in my approach to parenting.”

Author: Donna

“My motto for 2016 is Healthy Body, Mind and Soul…. not only for myself but also for my family. The last year has been extremely taxing on all of our bodies. From colds to tummy bugs to ear infections, we’ve all had our fair share and this year I will be engaging on a healthier lifestyle to strengthen our immune systems through nutritious cooking, adequate (fun) exercise and overall wellness. Growing our own fresh fruit and vegetables, taking more family walks in the park and encouraging the kids to drink more water are just a few ways of achieving this goal.

Making time for me will also be a priority! Having two kids, both under the age of 3, is rather demanding and it’s sometimes difficult to get just ten minutes to yourself. This year I will be making a point of scheduling some me time at least a few times a week. Even if it’s a 30 minute workout at the gym to clear my head or getting my nails done, the benefits of a little break really go a long way. Happy Mom = Happy Family!

I also have a few strategies in mind to nourish our souls. It’s really the little things that count. Sitting together and having dinner as a family, trying out new arts and crafts together, turning off the TV and cell phones and just enjoying each other’s company. Laughter is also good for the soul, so I’m looking forward to many laughs with the kids this year!”

Author: Hayley

In this day in age it seems the most common resolution for parents is to be PRESENT for our children.

And perhaps we can all aspire to be this Super Mom!

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