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Mother of Toddler With Heart Defect Emotionally Reflects on Son’s Chest Scar

Kelly and Michael Blumenthal were surprized to find out they were pregnant for a second time after suffering infertility issues before the birth of their first son, Mason, in 2014.

However, 19 weeks into the pregnancy, the two wer given some unfortunate news. Their son, Finn, had a heart condition and he was missing five critical parts of his heart.

On Jan. 2, 2015 Kelly gave birth to their little boy, who in the first 9 months of his life underwent 10 surgeries (including open heart surgery) and spent most of his time in the hospital. After two long and trying years of being in and out of the hospital, the toddler was scheduled for a heart transplant surgery that would hopefully change his life.

The day before his surgery, Kelly took to her son’s Facebook page, Prayers for Finn, to reflect on everything her son had been through since his birth, and particularly, on his chest scar.

They say the strongest hearts have the most scars. Two years this scar has grazed your chest; a constant reminder to me every day of what you’ve gone through but also everything you have overcome. Tonight, I look at it differently than I ever have before because tomorrow, before 8 a.m., you’ll have a new one. 

You don’t deserve this Finn. You don’t deserve everything that has come with these scars and I am so, so sorry that I haven’t been able to protect you from them. I wish I could promise you that you won’t feel pain. I wish I could promise you that I know everything will be OK. I wish I could promise you that you won’t be scared. 

I can promise you that I will light up your world as bright as I can in that hospital room. I can promise you that I will do everything in my physical power to have you remember the sharks in your crib and not the tubes in your chest. I’ll make a fool out of myself in front of every single doctor and nurse just to have you smile. I’ll scream for you, cry for you, I will fight for you.

The mom continued, saying to her son that if she were to forget to say it on the morning of his surgery, she’s so proud of how brave and strong he is, and most importantly, that he chose her to be his mommy. The Mother promised that even though this wasn’t going to be easy, it would be worth it — and worth it, it has been so far.

Since Finn’s surgery on Sept. 14, the boy has been in recovery, getting better and better every day. A few days after the life-changing operation, Kelly reflected once more on her son’s chest scar.

“For over two years I gazed at your old scar each and every day [was] harshly reminded of the pain and fight that you endured after your first open heart surgery. All the emergency calls in the middle of the night that you were being taken into emergency surgery. The two times we were told we might have to say goodbye. Seeing you overloaded with fluid, screaming in pain for help. Watching you go through many, MANY more surgeries that were all caused by that original scar. I looked at your old scar and felt fear that this surgery wouldn’t bring you past age 4. It brought me anxiety that some nights you would go to sleep and never wake up because your heart wasn’t stable.

Today, your new team removed your bandage and I was able to see life, light, and hope. I was able to see stability, longevity, birthdays, Christmases, weddings, graduations. For the first time, I was able to look at your scar and not feel pain and not feel guilt that you’ve been robbed of so many life opportunities.”

The very thing which once brought on so much sentiment and fear is now a source of inspiration for the mom of two, who was overwhelmed with relief over her family’s first ever stress-free hospital stay since Finn’s birth.

His scar has always represented triumph, victory, strength and pride,” she wrote. “But now, today, tomorrow, and forever more it represents joy, happiness, hope, prayer, and a true, real LIFE miracle. I know he’ll wear it proud because without it, he wouldn’t be here.”

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