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Mother Panics After Seeing 80% Of Newborn’s Body Covered In Bloody Dots

This boy was born with a severe condition known as giant congenital melanocytic nevus.

Due to the condition, 80 percent of his body was covered in birthmarks, but it was not the appearance of the boy’s skin, but the threat that the condition posed to his life, that really had doctors worried.

Dylan came into the world with the serious condition five years ago. His mother was shocked at her newborn’s appearance.

About 80 percent of his body was covered with birthmarks. The rest of Dylan’s body was covered with liver spots. Most noticeable was a gigantic blood-red mole covering his back.

Dylan had to undergo several surgical procedures at an early age to remove the moles, as they posed a serious risk of developing into skin cancer.

Once he was old enough to endure the agony, he started undergoing several surgical procedures.

Skin from various parts on his body needed to be grafted over his back after the giant mole was removed.

In order to grow skin, Dylan needed to have implants (akin to breast implants) inserted into his body.

He had to retain the implants for 3 months and then had to undergo more than 18 surgeries, as per his Facebook post, to remove half of the moles on his upper back, neck, and shoulders.

“We’re holding onto hope that the moles never turn on and become cancerous, but he could develop cancer at any point,” said his mother, Kara, reported the Telegraph.

Kara says that people are generally quite sympathetic and just curious. There have been some mean comments though: “Once in a supermarket a store manager asked us to leave because one of their customers was upset about having seen our child, which was very upsetting,” she added.“I’m not afraid to take him out at all and I don’t want him to be worried or think there is something he should be ashamed of.”


Dylan is a warrior and always is ready to smile.

You can follow his story on Facebook, and see what a courageous little boy he really is.


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