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Mother Of 4 Dies After Complaining About Migraine

A family from North Carolina is in shock after the Mom died April 3, shortly after she complained about a massive migraine.

Lee Broadway had a history of migraines so the family wasn’t too worried by the sudden onset of her last one.

Eric Broadway said his wife often suffered from migraines, but he said this one was different. She was in tremendous pain and so he rushed her to the hospital where Doctors thought they had successfully operated on her, but she died from surgery complications two days later.

The Mother, in fact, had an Aneurysm.

Aneurysms have a number of different causes including high blood pressure and atherosclerosis, trauma, heredity, and abnormal blood flow at the junction where arteries come together. An unruptured aneurysm usually comes with no symptoms. Treatments for an unruptured aneurysm include medications to control blood pressure and procedures to prevent a future rupture. However, emergency medical care is needed for a ruptured aneurysm.

We’re still in shock,” Eric said. “Especially for the kids. They’re all grieving in their own ways.”

Lee was a friend to many, wife to middle school sweetheart Eric, and mother to 8-year-old Adrien, 10-year-old Alex, 16-year-old Averi, and 22-year-old Adair. Friends, family, neighbors, and even strangers have wrapped the Broadway family in support, raising over $29,000 for them.


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