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Mom’s Hilarious Video About Son Goes Viral

A Hallsville mother’s humorous Facebook video has gone viral after she explained a not so funny incident which involved her toddler at a Longview restaurant.

In the video, she spoke about the suspicious object her 10-month-old son shoved into his mouth while playing on the playground of a Longview eatery.

“I was watching him play in the play place and I saw him with something in his hand and knew he was about to put it in his mouth,” Charlson said.

“So I headed over towards him and I was walking to him I was saying ‘no Nolan, no, no’ but of course he put it in his mouth. So I was just going to swipe it out real quick, which I did. I noticed it was squishy so I smelled it and sure enough, it was poop. Not my son’s poop but some other kids’ poop, in my son’s mouth.”

Charlson said as a young mom, there were no books, magazine articles, or years of babysitting that could have prepared her for that moment.

I mean, they did not prepare me for this,” she said. “I’m getting the sanitary wipes and I’m wiping his hands and my hands and picking up the poop and thank the Lord my friend was there to calm me down because I was freaking out. I texted Nolan’s doctor and he said Nolan should be fine and he was, but he did spit up a little bit later.”

After leaving the restaurant, Charlson decided to make a Snapchat video with a funny filter and send to her sister-in-law to describe what had just happened.

I meant to just send it to her but I guess I posted it publicly on my Facebook page and it’s just spread like wildfire,” she said.

The video has over 250,000 views on Facebook and had also been posted to Youtube.

I’ve had people from Nebraska and Louisiana commenting and friend requesting me,” she said. “I just never imagined it would get this much attention.”

While Charlson said her family will laugh about the incident for years to come!

“I mean, obviously I’m not a perfect parent and I’m at fault because he put it in his mouth before I could catch him but what parent is sitting there watching their kid and lets them poop in a play place,” she said. “I mean you have to watch your kid all the time and if you see them take their pants down and go to the bathroom, obviously you need to stop them or clean it up.” 

Charlson also mentioned that she doesn’t hold the restaurant responsible in any way because as a frequent customer, she knows they do their best to clean the play place regularly.

“I mean it’s not their job to babysit the kids in there,” she said. “It’s the parents’ jobs.”

 Charlson said Nolan is doing fine and that’s the most important thing at the end of the day.

“Maybe when he gets older he’ll laugh about this,” she said. “Or hate me. I don’t know which.”

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