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Mom Of 5 Sets Fire To Herself After Leaving Note And Chocolate For Kids

A mother left an emotional Valentine’s Day card to her five children, just days before she was found dead on a beach, the Daily Mail reported.

The 31-year-old Mom from Wales – Lisa Williams, sent the card telling her kids that she ‘loves them with all her heart’, before she was found dead and badly burned at the Newry beach in Anglesey, Wales.

Williams reportedly lost contact with her children and was heartbroken about it.

The Mom of 5 had recently separated from her husband. She posted the card on February 12, so that it would reach her kids in time for Valentine’s Day.

Together with the heartfelt message to her family, Lisa enclosed five of their favourite chocolate bars and a necklace for her daughter. The note read ‘for when you are older.’

About an hour before her death, she had also shared a picture of the package on her Facebook page.

The note also said: ‘I love you all with my Welsh heart, lovely Welsh (parcel), Valentine’s treats and chocolate treats and ‘Will see you all soon I promise. Kind hands, kind feet, nice words and sharing is caring.’  

 Tributes have poured in and one describes Williams as ‘kind’ person. It read:

‘It’s a big loss without you here with us all. Hard to believe that you’re gone. You meant the world to us. I’ll never forget that cute smile and how kind you were to us all.

‘There were a lot more things we wanted to do with you but you’re in a better place now. Love you forever Lisa. Gone too soon.’ 

Another message posted on Facebook said:

‘Your mam loved you and your brothers and sister so much.. Im sure u all know that. Your mam was also so proud of u five. My heart goesout 2 u little one’s.’

A security guard found Williams’ body in a shelter close to the beach and Police have said the death is not suspicious.

Speaking about the incident a spokesman for North Wales Police said: ‘At approximately 10.50pm yesterday, Sunday 12 February 2017, emergency services were alerted to the discovery of a woman’s body on Newry Beach, Holyhead.

She was pronounced dead at the scene and whilst no formal identification has taken place officers believe she is a local woman and enquiries are underway to locate and inform her next of kin.

‘At this time the death is not being treated as suspicious, and the coroner for north-west Wales has been informed.’ 

 Jason Higgins, District Inspector at Llangefni Police Station, added: ‘The lady, who we believe to be local, was pronounced dead at the scene and we are now in the process of locating and informing her family. He added ‘Our thoughts are with them at this very difficult time.’ 

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