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Mom Goes Back To Work After Finding Her 4-Year-Old Girl Shot By Her 8-Year-Old Boy

It’s so amazing how you can be a Mom of two or more little humans who you love with all your being and the love for each of them is the same.

That’s the case for some mothers, but probably not all. People are questioning an Ohio

Now, people are questioning an Ohio mom named Alyssa Edwards after she was arrested for not looking after her two children.

Juggling more than one kid with all the other things moms have to do can be hard. I imagine that challenge is exponentially more challenging if you’re a single mom with little support or help from friends or family.

It’s probably more challenging if you’re a single mom with little support or help from friends or family!

Trying to balance everything can  seem impossible at times and if the charges against this Mother are true, it’s easy to see why people feel that she’s failed her kids.

Raising children and needing to work is not always cut and dry. Sometimes you have to work to pay the bills and that means leaving your kids.

For this Mother, that meant leaving for work, getting a call of an injury and allegedly making the wrong decision to go back to work.

Alyssa Edwards

According to PEOPLE, Alyssa Edwards has been accused of not providing care for her kids after her unattended 8-year-old son allegedly shot her 4-year-old daughter multiple times. Reports say that the mom was at work when the shootings took place.Documents obtained by


indicate that the prosecutors say Alyssa received a call at work from her 8-year-old who she had left at home to watch his younger sister while she was at work.

She allegedly then left work to go check on her kids after her son called. She discovered that her daughter had been shot multiple times.The arrest report indicates the family kept a rifle in a safe, along with other firearms, but the son allegedly knew already how to open it.

Authorities said the boy loaded the rifle, then repeatedly shot his sister.Then he allegedly called his mother.


According to PEOPLE, authorities say Alyssa saw that her daughter had been shot multiple times. Instead of  taking her 4-year-old girl to the hospital prosecutes allege that the mom instead dressed her daughter’s wounds and cleaned the bloody bed cover.

Then they say the Mother left.

She lefter to go back to work. Leaving the same 8-year-old who had just shot his sister multiple times in charge of the care of the 4-year-old who had multiple gun shot wounds.It wasn’t until one of the wounds of the little girl later started to “leak” that she did something.She took her daughter to the hospital, though the time frame between when she was shot and when the mom went for medical help is not known.

By law, Hospitals are required to report gunshot wounds and suspected child abuse. So they were the ones to call the police.

The mom was then taken into custody and charged with two counts of child abuse.

During her court appearance on Monday, Alyssa’s bond was set at $30,000.

The Mother apparently cried in court and told the judge that there wasn’t any additional information they needed from her.

The 4-year-old girl is said to be in stable condition at a hospital for children in Cleveland. The Ashland County Sheriff’s Chief Deputy, Carl Richert, said that the girl’s injures are not life-threatening but she will likely be in hospital for a week.

Both children are now in the custody of children’s services.


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