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Mom Discovers Pedophile Symbol on Daughter’s Toy Truck

One Florida mom discovered a disturbing symbol on her daughter’s toy, which has led to a massive recall.

What’s unique about this particular recall is there are no physical safety concerns with the toy itself. However, the meaning behind the heart symbol on the pink, stuffed toy truck purchased from a Monster Jam event is definitely a cause for concern.

That’s because it’s a symbol used by pedophiles.

Nicole O’Kelly bought her 2-year-old daughter the innocent-looking truck at the Tampa-area event. It wasn’t until her older daughter — who is a Law & Order, Special Victims Unit fan — pointed out a similar heart symbol had been featured on a recent episode. The symbol in question is a small heart inside of a large heart, and in the particular TV episode, it was an indication to pedophiles that children were ready to be trafficked for sex.

“I’m absolutely sick. I bought this for my 2-year-old little girl. This toy was made for little girls. I wanted answers,” O’Kelly said.

Feld Inc, the company that makes this toy, was not aware of the meaning behind the heart symbol — though it went ahead and recalled the truck after the family made contact.

Photo via FBI

A special bulletin about sex crimes from the FBI’s special task force on crimes against children shows a few different symbols they say pedophiles use to communicate. A heart symbol, which is similar to the one found on the toy truck, represents “girl lover.” Another triangular symbol stands for “boy lover,” while yet another symbol resembling a butterfly is “child lover.” The symbols included in this FBI release have been found on jewelry, coins and more in searches, along with various forms of communication by networks of people who are supportive of sexual relationships between children and adults.

Again, this truck toy doesn’t pose any physical risks to children. But it’s definitely disturbing that a product meant for kids is sporting a symbol used by pedophiles for communication.

Have you ever seen this symbol anywhere? If you do stumble across any of the symbols listed in the FBI’s special bulletin, or if you see suspicious activity that could be related to child sex trafficking, contact the National Human Trafficking Resource Center.

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