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Manager Puts A Stop To Toddler’s Cursing Tantrum

A mother who would usually let her son throw things around a Walgreens every time they visited the store got a fast lesson when she was banned from the store.

This store had just about enough of this child’s disrespectful behaviour and the mother’s acceptance of it. They no longer wanted her business since she refused to control her child inside the store.

Many parents will remind their kids before going into a store to be on their best behaviour.

But by the looks of it, this mom just didn’t care. She had her son’s shirt tied to her purse, so she obviously knew that he had issues behaving.

The Mom then allowed him to throw things off the shelves.

The Mom didn’t bother to pick them up or even reprimand him for this. She even allowed him to swear at the Manager when he confronted her. This is worse than a temper tantrum. She lets her son act like this whenever they go to this store!

 The Mom claims that she allowed her son to do this because if she hit him, she would be taken to jail.

A man named David Hall wrote a profound comment on the viral video. “I’m gonna say it like this…… I would have worn my sons a$$ out,” he shared. “Because I would rather go to jail for spanking my kids than to have them go to jail because I didn’t.”


What are your thoughts on this?

Who is in the wrong here?


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