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The Internet Is Not Coping After Beyoncé Photographed Holding Juice Boxes and Snacks at the Grammys

Everything about Beyoncé’s appearance at the 2018 Grammy Awards was just perfect, mostly thanks to her daughter, Blue Ivy.

Blu Ivy was looking bored so Queen B and Jay Z decided it was time for snacks. Queen Bey then had to hold all her random kid food.

Like, this is honestly just a photo of Beyoncé at the Grammy Awards holding a juice box as any normal mom would do –  but obviously Twitter couldn’t cope.

         motherhood be like:

eatwords drinkstars (@akamami) January 30, 2018

 This picture belongs on the cover of Parenting magazine. Bey brought the snacks and Jay is eating some too with Blue lol

 Matthew A. Cherry (@MatthewACherry) January 29, 2018

  While we were all looking for #Beyonce at the #Grammys, she was out getting snacks for #BlueIvy

 WDAS-FM (@wdasfm) January 30, 2018

 hov eating blue ivy’s fruit snacks funny af but real at the same time. probably some shit i’d do.

JDR. ⛈ (@JayDotRain) January 29, 2018


We think it’s totally normal! No big deal

But still, it is a bit funny seeing the queen on Mommy duty!

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