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Horrified Mother Discovers Live Stream of Twin Girls’ Bedroom

A stunned Mother is spreading a serious warning after discovering that a surveillance camera in the room of her two 8-year-old twin girls was hacked, which shared a live-stream to the internet.

The Mother, from Houston, Texas, told KPRC2 that the internet-connected cameras were installed as part of their home security system. However the Mother was distressed to discover they had the opposite effect.

‘I have cameras to protect my kids and I feel like we kind of failed them. We didn’t protect them we actually out them in harm’s way,’ she said.

Horrifically, she found out about the online live stream of her daughters’ room when a fellow Mother saw the bedroom online and shared it to a Facebook page in an attempt to reach the family.

The Mom then made the chilling discovery that anyone could log in and view the room through an app called  “Live Camera Viewer for IP Cams”.

It’s unknown who watched the live-streams or for how long the video was available.

‘I mean people are watching what they do 24/7 and who knows who’s watching it,’ she said.

The family has since shut off the cameras and changes all the passwords of their home security system

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