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The weather has begun to pick up slightly recently, and we have the perfect drink to celebrate.

Gordon’s have launched another two flavours fo their fan-favourite gin, and they both sound utterly amazing.

Despite the massive amount of gin flavours we’ve seen recently, these two sound like real highlights.

Just in time for spring, the company is launching a Sicilian Lemon flavour as well as White Peach, and we want both.

Summer is on the way, and what better way to celebrate than with a beer-garden ready glass of flavoured gin?

The circus option is officially released today nationwide, though several shoppers have already found it on store shelves at Asda. The best part is that the new flavour has a fantastic introductory offer, too.

Whilst the 70cl bottle usually retails at £16.60, Asda currently has it on sale for just £13 a bottle, which is hard to say no to.

Morrisons has it on offer at £14 and is available to buy online.

White Peach is also available to buy today and it will be making its online debut on March 17th. This flavour also currently has an introductory price of just £13 in Asda supermarkets.

Gordon’s describes the flavour of the peach offering as “naturally mellow flavour of white peach“, and suggests serving with a slice of peach, or a fresh basil leaf alongside crushed ice and tonic.

The peach gin sounds like it would be absolutely perfect in a cocktail, to us.

Both gins are 37.5 alcohol by volume.

Asda’s spirits buyer told Delish:

“The gin trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down, and with the launch of new and innovative flavours, there’s even more reasons for gin lovers to stick to their drink of choice. This summer, we’re offering our customers a variety of products to enjoy, whether the British Summer serves up sunshine or rain!”

Featured image credit: Gordon’s

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