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Expectant Mom Serves Eviction Notice To Toddler

An expectant Atlanta Mom recently served her 14-month-old daughter with an eviction notice, which has turned out to be the cutest pregnancy announcement.

Sharana Horton took to Social Media and posted a picture of her daughter, Summer, crying inside her crib with a sonogram image of her baby brother on the way.

The caption read: “Please Note That Your “Only-Child” Status Will Expire Within 18 Weeks. You are required to VACATE the Premises as a New Tenant is Expected on June 25, 2017. Thanks, Management aka Mommy and Da Da.P.S. ISSAAA BOOOOYYYYYYY!!!! 💙💙💙”

The post has been liked over 15,000 times and has even gained television attention!

Horton said she thought of the idea while cleaning the baby room to make space for the new baby.

Once she had everything put in boxes, her husband, Aaron, said jokingly, “‘Who’s getting evicted?!'”

She replied, “we’re not but she is,” and, that’s where they thought of the idea.

In order to get Summer to cry, they took a piece of food away from her, Horton said. She cried for just 15 seconds while they snapped pictures of her, capturing the hilariously cute photo.

Horton’s official due date is June 25, 2017.

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