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How to Encourage Siblings To Grow Up To Become Life-Long Friends

It’s wonderful sight to see your kids get along and become really good friends.

My two kids are exactly two years apart and play really well together now. Their bond is so strong at the moment and my husband and I, really hope that it will continue to flourish as they get older.

When it comes to kids, nothing is set in stone. They are unpredictable in nature and as they get older and as their personality develops, they will make their own decisions. The bond with a sibling may get stronger or they may even drift apart as they reach adulthood.

But is there anything that we can do now to make sure they will be good friends forever?

Although there is no fool-proof method, we as parents can always try to influence our children positively and can attempt to help them remain friends. Here are a few ways of doing just that:

  1. Openly speak about the benefits of having siblings – Remind them that they will need each other when they grow up, so they may as well learn to get along now.
  2. Encourage them to help and care for each other – Make them important to each other. Ask an older sibling “Your sister loves the way you read, please read her a story” or “Please help your brother with his homework, you are so good at explaining things to him”
  3. Don’t compare – Try to never say things like “Why can’t you be more like your sister” or “Your sister does this so well, why can’t you?” It’s quite disrespectful and can leave them feeling inferior.
  4. Don’t speak behind their backs – If the one child is not in the room, do not complain or criticize the sibling. Rather keep it to yourself.
  5. Give them lots of opportunities to spend time together – Let them build good family memories which will bind them together in years to come. Family vacations, getting a puppy and joint chores are examples of ways for them to spend the quality time.
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