Eleven-Year Old Boy Dies After Playing Pass-Out Game

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Eleven-year old Da’Vorious (Chi Chi) Gray, from South Carolina, was found passed out in a closet in his family’s home. He was rushed to hospital but unfortunately died the next day.

He was apparently playing the “pass-out challenge” which is a game he learned about on social media.

An investigation into the case is still ongoing and the actual cause of death has not been released by the coroner as yet.

According to the boys family, Da’Vorious showed no signs of destructive behavior or depression and believes that he was playing one of these pass-out games as a prank on the family

The boy’s mother is now urging other parents to be more aware of their child’s use of the internet. In her statement released via her church, she said

I would just say I don’t believe young people should be on social media and it should be limited to adults or at the very least with extreme adult supervision where the parents can see everything that takes place on the sights should be a requirement.”

As a parent, it’s actually quite scary to know that there are hundreds of thousands of videos on YouTube of this dangerous game which end with the players convulsing or fainting. Before passing out, they are either breathing heavily before abruptly plugging their mouths or allowing somebody else to press on their throat or chest.

via WITN

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