Breaking News: Legionnaires Disease Outbreak In Disneyland. Two Cooling Towers Shut Down

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Disneyland in Anaheim, California has had to shut down two of its cooling towers after an outbreak of Legionnaires disease.

According to the Orange County Health Care Agency, around 12 people are reported to have contracted the bacterial lung infection around three weeks ago.

The patients in question have either lived or spent time in the Anaheim area and nine of them had visited Disneyland in September. The patients range in age from 52-94 years old. One patient is thought to be a Disney resort worker.

One man has died, however, it is understood that he was living in the Anaheim area and had not visited Disneyland resort recently. It is also important to note that this man had “additional health issues” according to doctors who treated him.


Although there haven’t been any new cases linked to Anaheim since September, Disneyland resort took action after testing found that two of the water cooling towers there had raised levels of Legionella bacteria. The resort was informed of the cases on the 27th of October.

Dr. Pamela Hymel, chief medical officer for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts released a statement following the incidents. “We conducted a review and learned that two cooling towers had elevated levels of Legionella bacteria. These towers were treated with chemicals that destroy the bacteria and are currently shut down. We have proactively shared this information with OCHCA (Orange County Health Care Agency) and given our actions, they have indicated there is no longer any known risk associated with our facilities.”

According to the park and the county health agency, the towers in question were taken out of service on November 1st and disinfected before going back into operation four days later. However, they were soon shut down again and will remain offline until tests confirm they are free from contamination.

Orange County has had more than 55 reported cases of Legionnaires’ disease this year alone, and that number has increased in recent years nationally too.

In total there are eighteen water coolers in the Disneyland park area all within 100 feet from guests, however, they are not in public areas. The units are evaporated systems that provide cooled water for fridges, but not drinking water. They omit mist which has possibly being linked to carrying the bacteria causing Legionnaires disease.

The disease itself can be spread through the inhaling the bacteria from contaminated water and it cannot be passed on from person to person. Legionnaire’s disease can be treated with antibiotics.

The disease can cause serious pneumonia and affect people with immune system or lung problems.

Tragic: 14-Year-Old Model Dies After Working In Gruelling 12-Hour Chinese Fashion Show

A 14-year-old Russian model has died after a grueling 12-hour fashion show in China.

Vlada Dzyuba reportedly collapsed just before walking out onto the catwalk in Shanghai, The Siberian Times reported.

The teen was found to be suffering from chronic meningitis “compounded by severe exhaustion” and remained in a coma for two days before she passed away.

Vlada reportedly collapsed after her temperature soared while she was waiting for her next appearance.

It is believed tht the young model was too ‘scared’ to ask for medical help and was working well over her contract of a maximum three hours a week.

It is alleged that the 14-year-old was unable to be taken to hospital for treatment because she did not have medical insurance, despite being on a three-month contract with a prominent Chinese modeling agency.

It is unclear who is to blame for her not having medical insurance.

The recruitment of young female models in China is on the rise, often between 14 and 16,  from Russia and especially Siberia to work at catwalk shows.

The topic was uncovered in a documentary Extreme Model Factory by presenter Reggie Yates in his 2015 Extreme Russia series.

Vlada’s mother was not able to reach her daughter before she died, and she told the television programme NTV: “She was calling me, saying ‘Mama, I am so tired. I so much want to sleep.”

“I didn’t sleep myself and was calling her constantly, begging her to go to hospital ”she added.

Vlada’s family has contacted the Russian state to ask for help finding answers.

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