BREAKING NEWS: Father Arrested After Allegedly Breaking Newborn’s Arms

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A father in California was charged with felony child cruelty after his newborn son…

BREAKING NEWS: Father Arrested After Allegedly Breaking Newborn’s Arms

A father in California was charged with felony child cruelty after his newborn son was taken to an emergency room with cracked arms.

Deputies had arrested Glen Haskell, 33, on Monday night after the doctors at a local hospital contacted them. Investigators said Haskell injured his 2-week-old son.

“The doctors were treating a 2-week-old baby that had bilateral spiral fractures to both of its arms,” said Lt. Wendell Anderson with the Yuba County Sheriff’s Department.

Detectives say Haskell’s initial reasoning for the boy’s broken arms didn’t add up, so they kept asking him questions.
The investigation revealed the cause, and that was the baby had been shaken.

“The baby was crying, and the suspect in the case became frustrated and got the baby by both arms and shook the baby causing the injuries,” Anderson reported.

The infant was transferred to a hospital in Sacramento, CA, where he is recovering from his injuries.
Haskell was arrested, and his bail was set at $50,000.

“That piqued my curiosity.”

Viral: Kindergartner Empties Piggy Bank on Floor. Tells Grandma Who the Money Is for at School

Most children have a piggy bank. They judiciously save every coins and dollars alike in hopes of one day having enough money to buy something special.

When it comes the time to cash out, most kids would spend their savings on themselves. One little girl, however, had other plans for her money.
Jackie Oelfke was sitting in her living room when her granddaughter, 5-year-old Sunshine, came into the room with her piggy bank. Sunshine sat on the floor and immediately emptied out the bank’s contents and carefully counted the savings.

At first, Oelfke thought her granddaughter was just playing with her money, but then Sunshine did something abnormal. Instead of returning her money to the piggy bank, she placed it all inside a plastic bag.

“That piqued my curiosity. Nobody messes with the piggy bank,” Oelfke told CBS News. Oelfke knew that Sunshine must have had some intentions.
She asked Sunshine about the meaning of her actions, wondering what plans her granddaughter had for the money. Turns out, Sunshine was spending her money on something that meant a lot to her.
Sunshine intended to use her money to support a friend who did not have enough money for milk at school. Her savings, which amounted to a hefty $30, was enough to buy her friend milk for few weeks.

And with that decision firmly in her mind, Sunshine placed the money into her backpack’s front pocket. Oelfke was moved to tears by her granddaughter’s kindness.

Sunshine’s selfless act moved her grandmother so much that she took things to social media. “My heart is so full of pride and love knowing in a world where there is so much hatred, there is a ray of Sunshine with a HUGE heart that at the age of 5 LOVES everyone and always wants to help,” she posted on Facebook.

Though her sunny demeanor and tender heart wouldn’t tell the tale, Sunshine’s life had not been all cheer. Her mother was an addict who wasn’t often around, and her loving grandmother had picked up the role of grandmother and mother — but Jackie Oelfke had clearly done well with her granddaughter.

It wasn’t long before Sunshine’s story went viral. Kind viewers wanted to aid other students who couldn’t afford milk, and soon enough funds were raised on a GoFundMe page to support every student in the class!

Oelfke told CBS News, “She doesn’t understand the impact she’s made. But now she knows she can do whatever she puts her mind to.” Looks like Sunshine was really a true ray of light in her community!

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