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Breaking: College Football Players Save Child’s Life

A wonderful story about how two Griffon football players from Missouri Western save an 17-month-old infant’s life. The incident took place on a hot august day when Teresa Gall placed the infant, Liam Snook, inside her car while accidentally leaving her keys inside her car.

With the infant being inside the car without the air conditioner on, the infant could have quickly developed a heatstroke.

In full panic mode, Gall quickly checked all of the car doors… unfortunately, all doors were locked. In such hot weather, it would only take 2 minutes before the heat would affect the infant.

Gall said, “I just couldn’t get to him, he was so red and crying and vomiting profusely.”

She then called for help in the home where Gall’s sister and niece came to the scene. The niece thought it would be a good idea to just maybe break the window with a hammer.

Desperate, Gall immediately began to beat on the window with the hammer.

Unable to do it herself, Gall said, “We had to take turns because our hands hurt so bad.”

With the infant not being able to escape the heat in the hot car, Gall said the infant just kept getting sicker and sicker. The family started to get really worried when the infant started trying to go to sleep.

In a desperate panic Gall thought in her head, “Oh please god, send somebody to help me.” This was when Shane Simpson and Jack Long coincidentally were just getting off of football practice. The two riding together just so happened to take a different route that day, allowing them to see Gall and her family.

Long said, “We just saw this woman with a hammer tagging at the window” but did not think too much of it. Awkwardly, they thought she just locked her keys inside her car so they just continued driving for a second. It wasn’t before long before they thought, “That looks way too much, that they’re just trying to beat their window out.”

This was when the two football players decided to turn around and check the scene.

Gall said, “He just took one swoop or hit with the hammer and it busted.” Upon breaking the window, the family immediately grabbed the baby and moved him inside the house. The two football players then went on their way but after 30 minutes decided to return and check up on the family. Long said, “We just wanted to make sure that they were alright.”

What a wonderful story about how compassionate fellow humans can be. If you want to watch the video, you can find it below.

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