Body Cam Captures Cop Arresting Terrified 11-Year-Old Black Girl At Gun Point After Mistaking The Child For Her 40-Year-Old White Aunt

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An 11-year-old black girl in Michigan was mistaken for Her 40-Year-Old White Aunt who was accused of stabbing someone. 

Footage from a body cam shows the officer pulling out a gun while the young girl screams in fear. the incident has triggered an internal investigation within the department.

In a press conference on Tuesday, Chief David Rahinsky commented that the video footage of the girl screaming made him “physically nauseous” and that the entire incident is “a discredit to the way the community is being served,”.

11-year-old Honestie Hodges was arrested on Dec. 6, when Officers were still struggling to find her aunt Carrie Manning, who stabbed her younger sister.

Just to be clear – Manning is a 40-year-old white woman and the police still mistook her for a young Black girl.

According to the body cam video, Hodges was confronted by officers telling her to walk backward with her hands up. She started screaming when they started handcuffing her and pin her down placing her on the back of a police car

The screams of the 11-year-old, they go to your heart,” Rahinsky said. “You hear the mother yelling from the steps, ‘That’s my child!’ That’s our community’s child. That’s someone who lives in Grand Rapids. That’s someone who should feel safe running to an officer.”

Rahinsky said that the video is an alarming sign for a reform in the department on the way it treats members of the community.

The juvenile is treated the same way you would have treated any adult,” Rahinksy said.

“And when you’re dealing with an 11-year-old, it’s inappropriate. So, as an agency, we’re going to have some tough conversations that include the community. It goes to the heart of what we’re trying to accomplish with (consulting firm) 21st Century Policing.”

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