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Baby Monitors That Work With Your iPhone

Baby monitors have been around for a long time, but these days parents are expecting a little bit more than what the traditional devices offer. New technology has introduced app-enabled solutions that work wirelessly.

Here are a few monitors that offer remote monitoring from your iOS devices – such as your iPhone and iPad – which allows you to see, listen and even talk to your baby from a distance:

1.Cloud Baby Monitor

Price: $3.99 – $6.99, Apple App Store

This application turns your Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV, Apple Watch and Mac into a reliable and secure video Baby monitor. If one device is kept near your baby, you can watch live video wth audio on one of your other devices. It also sends you notifications of your baby’s activities via motion and noise alerts.

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2.Philips inSight Wireless Home Monitor

Price: $119.97, Amazon

This monitoring system is wi-fi enabled and it’s simple to set up your iOS devices for instant monitoring.

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3.Withings Video & Air Quality Monitor

Price: $199.95, Withings 

The Withings monitor allows you to connect in HD to anywhere in your home and will send you notifications if movement or noise is detected. The monitor is also able to monitor indoor air quality and will notify you of any pollution spikes.

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4.PowerLead Wireless Baby Monitor

Price: $49.49, Amazon

This monitor has built-in two-way audio which supports talking to or listening. It is compatible with both android and iOs devices.

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5.iBaby Monitor M6

Price: $179.95, iBaby Labs

The iBaby monitor is equipped with a high-resolution wireless camera and has the ability to record your baby, send alerts and share videos with a number of users. With the iBaby Voice Recorder you can also record your voiceover of your baby’s favorite bedtime stories to put her at ease.

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