Autism Barista or AKA Dancing Barista

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This video is going viral and is truly heartwarming and inspiring. Originally posted on Carly Fleischmann Facebook page:

My birthday is in four days and my birthday wish this year is to have this video go viral. I would like to introduce you to a young teenager named Sam.

When he was offered a position to work at Starbucks Sam told his parents that for the first time in his life. That his life had real meaning. Sam was diagnosed with autism and like some people with autism Sam has a movement disorder. Sam has a hard time keeping his body still. Sam never thought that he would be able to work behind the bar because of his sudden movements but his manager Chris believed in him and got Sam to channel his movements into dance.

It has taken Sam and Chris a lot of shifts and hours to get Sam to do what he is doing in the video. Sam is now known as the dancing barista. If it wasn’t for Chris believing in Sam he would of never believed in himself.
More people like Sam need to be seen, heard and given a chance to thrive and dance.

Please show your support by sharing and reposting. Help make my birthday wish come true!

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