Amber Alert Issued For Houston Infant After Mom’s Stabbing

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Inspectors have issued an Amber Alert for a 6-week-old, Shanally Flores, who was reported missing after her mother was found stabbed to death in Greenspoint, Houston.

After officers found her mother’s corpse lying on the floor of her apartment at 185 Goodson Drive, Greenspoint around 1 p.m on Tuesday, Houston, polices assumed that the missing baby was staying with Thomas Bernardez, her father.

Bernadez is also considered as one of the main suspect of his wife Carolina Flores’s murder.

However, while Thomas and his car were stationed in San Antonio around 4 hours after the police found the mother’s body, the infant girl was still not found.

The father has claimed that he was not involved in the death of his wife, as well as the missing baby girl and has not been charged.

If you know the location of Shanally Flores or have any information, please call Houston police on 713-308-3600.

Man Accused Of Raping And Torturing Stepdaughter For Two Decades


An Oklahoma man kept his stepdaughter hostage for almost two decades. During this time, he continuously raped and tortured her.

According to investigators, Henri Michele Piette fathered nine children with his victim to whom he beat and rape regularly.

Piette was arrested after the 33-year-old woman escaped her Mexican captor.

Piette denies his accusation saying “99 percent” of the allegations against him are false.

“I never raped any children,” Piette said. “I made love to my wife. We were married.”

According to officials, Piette married the victim when she was just 11 years old with a wedding held in a van. His 15-year-old son was there.

Court documents show that the woman and her children were taken by Piette. They also accused him of various acts of sexual and physical abuse, around Oklahoma before moving to Mexico.

Over the two decades, investigators found out that Piette changed his name to avoid being caught by police.

Piette also said that his accusers were members of Mexican criminal organizations.

Piette has been charged with kidnapping and traveling across state lines with the intent to engage in sexual activity with a juvenile, but those charges were dropped to allow the state to prosecute him.

He previously faced a range of charges from lewd molestation, first-degree rape of a victim under the age of 14, and child abuse by injury In Oklahoma.

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