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ALERT: Vaccines Causing Infections Months Later

If you’ve had a vaccine against the flu, whooping cough or hepatitis A made by Location Vaccination, it may not work.

“And on top of that, it might have actually infected you.

The Mount Sterling company started providing vaccines for businesses in Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana in September last year. However, shortly thereafter, “some people started noticing swelling and lumps at the injection site.”

Kentucky’s health department says that the vaccines were contaminated due to incorrect storage.

The company has now stopped distribution.

But what poses a big problem is that symptoms can show up three months after getting the vaccine.

If you live in Kentucky, Ohio or Indiana where the vaccines were distributed, call the Kentucky Health Department at 502-564-3418.

If your business used vaccines from Location Vaccination, please also let your employees know immediately.

Some health experts think that anyone vaccinated with those particular vaccines should get another round however others think just the opposite.

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