Albany Teen Saves Sleeping Sister From Fire

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A family of six in Albany lost everything when their apartment on Western Avenue caught on fire early last Saturday morning.

You think you have time to react and it took us all by surprise,” 19 year old Dijour Carter said.

The family, however, still have each other – thanks to the oldest brother Dijour. As soon he realized that his 8-year-old sister Yahira didn’t run out with the rest of them, Dijour ran back in.

“The only thing on my mind is ‘I gotta get her out.’  She’s still in there.”  the oldest brother added, “Everything was smoking and black.  We couldn’t see nothing.”

Because of the heat and smoke, Mom and Yarrah were pushed back. Dijour still continued on and found his sister who is still sleeping and covered by her blanket.

I grabbed her and rushed down the stairs.  I ended up falling (but still) protecting my sister,” Carter described.

Dijour and Yahira were reunited with their family – all were unharmed and stunned by the incident.

“Her room was up in flames, it was gone and there was cracking of glass,” said Carter.

The kids’ mother, Yarrah expressed with tears, “This is my pride and joy.  I don’t know what I would have done…my baby almost died.”

They may have lost their home but the family is closer than ever.

“I feel blessed.  I feel really, really lucky,” added Carter.

This is actually not the first time that disaster struck this family. 75% of their belongings were lost 6 months ago when pipes burst and flooded their home with water.

All the best for this family and may Dijour and his family feel better this winter season.


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