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8-Year-Old Boy Becomes Sister’s Hero After Driving Her to McDonald’s

Ohio police say that a brave 8-year-old boy took his 4-year-old sister on a joy ride to McDonald’s in his father’s work van.

Police officer Jacob Koehler told Fox 8 news that the boy reportedly snuck out of the house while his parents were sleeping and drove a mile to buy his sister a cheeseburger!

Witnesses say that he obeyed all of the traffic laws as he carefully passed through 4 intersections and even over railroad tracks. Once they arrived at the McDonald’s, a family friend who happened to be at the store noticed the duo and notified their grandparents.

Although nobody was hurt and no charges were filed, the case remains under investigation.

The 8-year-old has some impressive driving skills – he reportedly made more than a few right turns and a left-hand turn. He told Officer Koehler that he learned how to drive from watching YouTube videos.

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