8 Baby Tech Gifts for Your Little One

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Sarah Buhr has compiled a list of the top 12 best baby tech gifts, as part of the 2017 TechCrunch Holiday Gift Guide. So if you need some inspiration I have broken down 8 of her suggestions here.

Number 1. Summer Infant Pacifier Thermometer


This pacifier thermometer gives parents a more convenient way to get a child’s temperature from their mouths. Not only does it sooth a child it will tell you if they have a temperature or not. It also has a feature to use in the dark. They can be bought in Target for $8.

Number 2. The Auto Rock ‘n Play.

This Fisher Price rocker is all over baby registers and mothers blogs. It plays songs and fully reclines while also rocking a baby at two different speeds, perfect for that daytime nap. Various retailers sell these which cost around  $55-$60. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00NEO5UTU?tag=blvisitor-20

Number 3. Bubzi Co Baby Sleep Aid Night Light and Shusher.

This one is an all-rounder. Not only is it a plush toy, but it has a night light, plays songs and shushes to sooth a baby. It plays 10 different lullabies and has a 30 minute timer before turning off. Find yours on Amazon for $36. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06Y5Q5XRB?tag=blvisitor-20

Number 4. Owlet Baby Sock


This is the latest version of the Owlet heart rate and oxygen monitor and is designed to give parents piece of mind while a child is sleeping. The Smart Socks can be used by children up to 18 months old. These do cost $300, but is there a price for peace of mind?

Smart Sock 2

Number 5. Allbirds Smallbirds.

These woollen runners are great for tots who are just finding their feet. They’re designed for ages 2 to 4 and come in three different colors. They cost $55 and can be bought on Allbirds.com here:

Smallbirds Wool Runners

Number 6. Munchkin Lulla-Vibe Vibrating Mattress Pad.


If you want something to rock your child to sleep, try this mattress pad. Simply place it under your child’s mattress, turn it on and let it do its magic. Amazon is selling them for just $30.

Number 7. MonBaby Smart Button Baby Monitor

There are lots of monitors to choose from, but this particular one tracks your baby’s movement while sleeping. It also tracks your child’s breathing and will alert you if they have rolled over. It’s as easy as clipping onto your baby’s sleeping grow and then sync it with the app. These are available in Target for $100.


Number 8. Hatch Baby

The Hatch Baby is a changing pad which also serves as a scale and growth monitor, recording your baby’s weight, feeding times, diaper changes and much more to boot. You can find one in Target for around $130.

For a full and detailed list of tech gadgets check out Sarah Buhr’s article here:


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