7 Tips For Parents With Bed-Wetting Children

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5. Use a bed alarm, which works by having your child wear a wetness sensor in their underwear. This sensor connects to the alarm, which then sounds when he/she urinates. Yes, the alarm will wake them up after they have already had an accident. But in time, it actually trains their brains to awaken earlier, until they wake up at the very first drop of urine so they can stop the flow and avoid a full-on accident. One thing to keep in mind: This process could take up to two months.

6. Make sure that your child is ready and motivated to stop wetting his bed. If they aren’t distraught by the accidents, consider using disposable nighttime underwear for bit longer. Try again when they are ready.

7. Parents should try not to show their frustration. Be encouraging and reassuring, even though the bed wetting is inconvenient and frustrating.

For more information about bed-wetting, read these helpful materials from Mayo Clinic.

Watch this helpful video with an interview with Pediatrician Gigi Chawla:

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