5 Things Your Baby Will Try To Eat, But Shouldn’t

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Proud parent of an adorable baby? Let me guess…you’ve got about a thousand Instagram shots of your little one drooling, pooping, drooling, pooping…and sleeping! There’s nothing like a new swaddled babe to bring a little joy to everyone’s day, and also, a little trouble.

Once babies start to locator and crawl or creep around, everything and I mean,  everything is in their little hands to grasp and sadly, eat. That’s why it is crucial to properly baby proof and keep any eye out on your little one, who is just developing his or her pincher grasp…right in time to chew on your necklace!

Items Your Baby Will Try To Eat, But Shouldn’t

1- Necklaces and Jewelry:

Necklaces, in particular, are prime real estate for babies’ mouths because typically they’re right there on mom for the grabbing as baby is nursing or having a bottle! Keep those precious beads out of your babies’ mouths and instead, try wearing a teething necklace, which is safe for baby to gnaw on.

2- Crayons:

Thankfully, Crayola is non-toxic, but still, toddling babies love to eat that assortment of rainbow colors. Perhaps it’s the pretty rainbow effect? Either way, work with an older baby/toddler on using crayons, not eating them!

3-  Grass:

I know, it sounds gross but hey, even dogs do it!

Hmm. That made it sound even worse!

A little roughage won’t hurt your precious kiddo, but it’s not a good thing if the lawn was just treated with pesticides, so try to get your kid to stay away from chewing on the lawn. If however, your kid went to town on the lawn and is old enough to drink water, your pediatrician may recommend you give your baby extra fluids.

4- Dog Food or Cat Food:

I know. You just vomited in your mouth a little, didn’t you? The idea of anyone BUT an animal eating dog or cat food is enough to make me sick. But for your kiddo however, it’s a culinary gold mine just sitting on the floor waiting to be torn into. Please, keep the food locked away from the baby. Most pet foods are safe if a child eats them, but let’s not get your kid into the habit of eating Rover or Fluffy’s food, especially if you mix medication into the food for your pet…that would be very, very bad for your little one.

5- Lint:

Who needs a dust buster when you have a toddling babe around? Your wee one will love enjoying dust balls and lint balls on the floor! You will be befuddled when you see this, but don’t worry: your kid isn’t the only one doing the “vacuuming.”



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